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8 Local, Ethical Clients We Work With

A few years ago I made a commitment to try to work with more local clients whose ethics are aligned with my own. The hardest part about this is how to say no to a client that doesn’t fit the bill – something I have certainly struggled with at times.

Looking back now, I realise that this statement of intent I made to myself has been playing out, and I’m very happy to have a fantastic set of local clients on the roster who really sit well with me on a personal and moral level. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens

Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens or SSK design and fit beautiful bespoke kitchens, and – as the name suggests – they do it using local, reclaimed, sustainable materials as much as possible. We rebuilt their website from the ground up, adding new functionality and making it mobile-friendly in the process, and we now take care of all their ongoing website needs, as well as producing offline marketing materials as well.

2. Regather

The marvellous folks at Regather do a roaring trade in locally sourced fruit & veg, as well as putting on a great variety of events and championing the local community. They now have their own farm and are certified by the Organic Soil Association. We built a website for them that included a back end system for managing veg box subsctiptions, and we have an ongoing service & maintenance contract with them which we get paid for in produce (yes, seriously – bartering FTW)

3. The University of Sheffield

In 2015 Sheffield University added us to their approved vendors list, which led to a couple of interesting projects, promoting diversity in higher education. I’m really honoured to be working with one of our local universities.

4. Retrospecced

Retrospecced, based in Wolverhampton, may not be the most local client on this list, but their ethical credentials are absolutely on point; not only do they intercept used frames destined for landfill to refurbish and sell them, they also donate 20% of all their profits to Vision Aid Overseas, helping some of the world’s poorest people to see clearly. So the feel-good factor as we work away improving their website really warms the cockles as the evenings draw in!

5. Tall Spaghetti

We redesigned this mindfulness practitioner’s website to bring it into the 21st century. Rachael, Tall Spaghetti founder, is based a stone’s throw away, and works to promote wellbeing and resilience, something I’m very happy to get behind.

6. The Medjool Date Company

I believe eating healthily is utmost importance, so building a simple e-commerce website for this Sheffield based company was a pleasure, and I can confirm that their dates, which offer a raft of health benefits, are absolutely second-to-none.

7. Third Sector Accountancy Ltd

This accountancy team, based in Manchester, approached us last year in need of a new website, something we were more than happy to help with. It feels good to be working with an accountancy firm that supports a raft of stellar charities and nonprofit organisations.

8. Tony Butterworth Cycles

Last but not least, two bicycle enthusiasts who happen to be good friends of mine took on Tony Butterworths Cycle shop in Hillsborough a couple of years ago, and are running it with the right-minded, good old fashioned diligence and honesty that South Yorkshire deserves. I am very happy to be looking after their website for them.

9. You?

It truly is an honour and a privilege to work with all these wonderful people, and I look forward to adding more to the roster. Are you Sheffield based and/or do you do something amazing? Why not get in touch and see if we can help each other out!