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A Beautiful and Unplanned Psychedelic Collaboration

I love it when creative, fun things happen almost by accident, and unlikely sequences of events lead to wonderful and joyous outcomes. Here’s a recent example:


My partner received this beautiful print from our friend Jenny for her birthday.


I was exploring Mirror Lab's new video function and thought the goat made for some perfect source material. I sent a clip to Jenny with the caption "Jenny the Goat is so good. Here it is run through the psychedelic mangle."


I got a reply from Jenny:
"Shared you video with Rosa (who created the goat) here's what she said ....Oh my god Jen I love it sooooo much!!  Please say thanks from me! Made my day!"
Here's what it looked like:


Rosa got in touch to see if I fancied collaborating. The idea being she would paint the colourful animals, and send them to me to process into kaleidoscopic videos. I looked at her website,, and was immediately inspired to make more of these videos.


The next animal, a fox, was given life on this day, celebrating World Wildlife Day:

Be sure to check out Rosa’s website and, to see which other animals have got this treatment, head over to her Instagram, @riversongheart.