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Education Gateway Magazine: Our Biggest Challenge Yet

We are very excited to announce our biggest ongoing project yet: a multilingual (English & Arabic) magazine available in print and online called Education Gateway. We have worked closely with Prime Education Consultancy to create a brand, a magazine and a website with the purpose of helping Libyan students and young professionals further their education and professional careers.

This is one of our most unusual briefs to date, partly due to the challenges of creating a bilingual magazine featuring English and Arabic content side-by-side – it involved a lot of research and a definite step outside of the comfort zone – however, with four issues now under our belts we feel confident dealing with Arabic, and well equipped to work on multilingual projects in future. In the initial stages of research many questions came up, for example:



Through research, development and trial and improvement, we overcame all of these challenges, and are proud to say that the first issue of the magazine was very well received, with an estimated readership of around 6,000 and more online, and those figures look to be increasing in the more recent issues.


The bilingual website has now been officially launched, and we are in the process of developing and optimising it further.


Issue 1 of the magazine is now available on Issuu, Newsstand, in PDF form and in print.

Please take a look, and feel free to comment both here and on the Education Gateway website!

Logo for Living Change UK

Identity for Living Change UK

Logo for Living Change UK

Logo for Living Change UK

Caroline Purvey of Living Change UK commissioned us to tie together her three business ventures under one umbrella brand, Living Change UK. This involved taking two existing logos and reinventing them, while also coming up with a third minimal logo representing the idea of turning over a new leaf.

In the Living Change logo we feel we have achieved this effectively and with a degree of elegance, and Caroline was extremely impressed, as you can see from the testimonial she wrote about us:

I highly recommend Instadesign for a complete marketing & design solution. My customers are very impressed with my branding and marketing materials.

Menu for Love 2 Eat, the Food Boutique

Menu for Love 2 Eat

A small but beautiful cafe & restaurant in Didsbury wanted a vintage feel to their new food menu, but didn’t want a total re-brand. We took the existing logo and colour scheme, dialed it down a touch, and put together a menu we feel matches the fusion of modern and boutique styles found at the eatery.

Layouts for Blankpages

Between 2009 and 2011 we took on pro bono work designing an online magazine for Blank Media Collective, Blankpages. This soon became the largest single layout design project we had undertaken. Here is a small selection of the issues we put together.

Hover over the right hand side of each front cover to find clickable arrows you can use to flick through the issues. If you’re on an iPhone or iPad, this probably won’t work – sorry about that.

Rebranding Shokk Ltd.

Shokk logo comparison

Comparison between old and new Shokk logos

Back in 2008, I oversaw the re-branding of youth activity company, Shokk Ltd. They had developed their brand quickly, outsourcing design work to various different companies and freelancers. I set up an in-house team together with the talented Rob Clowes and Paul Williams, and over a period of four months planned and executed a full re-brand of the company.

As a team, we recognised the importance of addressing the ‘voice’ of the company as well as the visual language, and we proposed a change of the tag-line from ‘The Youth Fitness Specialists’ to “The Youth Activity People” giving a much more personal feeling. A re-brand is much more than a revamped logo – it’s about looking at every aspect of an organisation’s communications with clients, customers and the outside world in general. The bulk of the work went into creating a Brand Bible, in which rules and guidelines were set out regarding every aspect of the new improved brand.

Shokk Re-brand Full Page Press Ad

Shokk Re-brand Full Page Press Ad

To launch the re-brand of Shokk Ltd. I created skeumorphic artwork based on the theme of detective work (featuring character illustration by Paul Williams) which was used by the company as a full page advert in trade press as well as direct marketing.

SHOKK Dundee stationery

SHOKK Dundee stationery