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Agenda Media is a cutting edge digital advertising agency based in Manchester, regarded highly in the industry for their outstanding service and professionalism. They approached us earlier this year because their website was no longer reflecting the nature of their work in the best possible way, having not been updated or refreshed for three years (a very long time in the world of the web)!

We were very happy to take on a project which involved updating, curating and re-flowing their content into a website more in-keeping with today’s standards.

We were very pleased that the client liked our suggestion of going with a one-page style website – something of a trend, but a trend that makes an awful lot of sense… let me explain:

There’s a very high chance you are reading this on your phone, your tablet or some other touch screen device, and if you are you’re amongst an ever-growing number of people doing the same. This is more than just a trend; it’s a long-term shift in the way people experience the web. Before mobile devices took off, you would hear a lot of talk of ‘the fold’ in web design. The accepted wisdom was that you needed to captivate your audience with your website ‘above the fold’, ‘the fold’ being the bottom of the viewable area of your website, assuming people were viewing it on a computer.

While the validity of this concept remained hotly debated for many years, it’s now generally accepted within the web design & development community that ‘the fold’ is well and truly dead.

In 2013 mobile surpassed desktop in newssportsretail, and social media consumption. People are spending their time with the web on an incredibly varied set of devices, all with different screen sizes (and different “folds”).

Matt Johnson

If you haven’t quite recently flicked your thumb or finger upwards on a touchscreen device, I would be very surprised. In fact this behaviour is now so strongly rooted in our muscle memory that it’s fairly safe to say most users of the web know exactly what to do when they see a webpage that doesn’t immediately give them all the information they require: scroll down!

While there are definitely still those who would disagree, there are quite a number of undeniable benefits to a one-page website, the biggest for me being that all the content is there in one place without the user needing to click or wait to load further information!

We’d love to hear from you if you have an opinion on this, and indeed any feedback on the website!

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