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Sometimes when a client project is canceled at the last minute it’s a blessing in disguise. This happened to me recently and I channeled the frustration into creativity, realising I had a long mental list of ideas to begin exploring the moment I had time. I’ve always enjoyed playing with symmetrical shapes, and these creations came from a lengthy session with the Wacom, Adobe Illustrator and its brush tool.

2021 Update:

Fancy owning one of these? 8 years on, they are now available as a collection of NFTs over on OpenSea.

I was so happy with how the set turned out, I tried to take it one step further, deviating slightly from the constrained cleanliness of the designs and adding an element of the bizarre. I may have got a little carried away…

I call this one… “Quasi Occult Mystical Hexagonally Symmetrical-Mandala”

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