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House of Oli website pages in iPads

House of Oli approached us in October 2016 with a bold idea for an e-commerce website: an online shop selling clothes for teenage girls, featuring models they could relate to. Not being particularly familiar with this sector, we didn’t realise until participating in market research that the incumbent e-shops out there seemed to exclusively use older models even though the clothes are meant for 13 to 17 year olds. It’s also a well known problem that women in general are presented with a very narrow view of what their bodies should look like by the fashion industry, so we welcomed the idea of working to broaden that a little, and build a website featuring real girls with real body shapes.

Beyond that, it was also an interesting challenge to build an e-commerce website of this scope: both the number of products and the frequency of updates is well beyond anything we had worked on before.

We were happy to recommend fashion photographer Nathan D’Amour for this project, who has partnered with House of Oli to produce all their catalogue photography.

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